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Necessary Thickness is an idea, an approach, a movement. Here, we preach healthy bodies & strong minds, recognizing that these elements individually vary. "Thick" is a metaphor that encompasses a better and stronger you at work, at play, at life. It's about embracing your flaws, loving yourself, and making the choices that best yield your own happiness. NT is choosing the things in life that move you closer towards achieving your own visions and goals - that make you the best version of you.

"Thick thighs because they are my foundation, thick mind because I'm always learning, thick heart because I bleed passion, thick skin because the world is a fickle bitch."

Britta, Creator of Necessary Thickness, spandex lover, coffee addict, squat enthusiast & chocolate fanatic

Contact: necessarythickness@gmail.com

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Spread the word #ThicknessisourSickness