Function Meets Fashion: My Favorite Fall 2018 Trends

In a continuation of the 2017 trend, Fall 2018 is stacked with athleisure trends that have my thickness dancing for joy! I'm a 90's baby, so when my summer, filled with platform shoes and scrunchies, is transitioning into to a fall where tear-away track pants are the hottest thing since a tamagotchi, my heart skips a beat with nostalgia. I'M. SO. READY! 

But what am I most excited about? Scroll down! You guessed it, tear-away track pants are #1.. 

5 Fall 2018 Trends that your thighs will thank you for: 

1.) Tear-Away Track Pants

The good ol' days of 100% Polyester are back and they are bold. What once were a tell-all sign that you were an athlete are now acceptable on and off the field. Pair with sneakers or (my favorite) a pair of heels for some versatility! 

Got rid of all these bad boys once the 90's ended? That's okay... they are literally everywhere, including Amazon

2.) Oversized Outerwear

First it was the oversized jean jacket, now it's all outerwear! I just ordered a men's bomber jacket from Fashion Nova that I can't wait to get! 

Life hack: Ladies, don't feel like buying a new coat? The solution is simple:

  1. Identify a male in your life.
  2. Steal said male's outerwear. 


3.) Matching Sets

From biker shorts & a sports bra all the way to a full track suit getup, matching 'athleisure sets' are effortlessly in.

Look at it as a strategic buy - you'll get AT LEAST 3 different outfits out of 1 purchase by wearing together, or with things you already own! #BargainShopper

4.) Crew Socks

Socks with sneakers, socks with heels, socks with...holes. SOCKS! Don't be afraid to dress them up or down! If you're feeling really frisky, get yourself a pair of fishnet crew socks (sidetone: I've never worn these, personally, but I can't imagine they are conformable around the little piggies). 

5.) Fanny Packs

I'd like to be the first to say 'FINALLY'. I have been rocking a fanny (pun intended) for YEARS! Finally the fashion gods have caught onto the practicality of this versatile bag. Wear around the waist or cross body - so many options! 

It's one of my goals in life to make sure fanny packs stay around f-o-r-e-v-e-r! 

Fall 2018 is about as comfortable as it gets! Finally, it's socially acceptable to pair heels with sweats, polyester is the new leather and fanny packs are getting the attention they deserve. From my thickness to yours, happy styling! 

.. but I'm a 90's bitch! 



All pictures from Pinterest