A recap...no, ‘Ski Cap’.. of our quick trip to Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows in Tahoe, CA.

Six snowboarders, one skier, 225” (18.75 ft) of snow this season…so far!

East coasters who have never been out west to ski HAVEN’T LIVED. My husband finally got a taste of skiing out west 4 years ago in Park City, Utah, and since then, we’ve never looked back.. or North. Vermont is a good weekend trip, but if I’m being honest, I much prefer Vermont in the warmer weather. The skiing SUCKS! There, I said it.

We took a ski trip hiatus last year because of our wedding [so inconvenient!], and “agreed” that a ski trip probably wasn’t in the cards for 2019 either, if we wanted to take a honeymoon..but within the first week of 2019 I received a flight confirmation via email for Reno-Tahoe International Airport...we were going skiing.

Our travel both ways was a nightmare, including some of the longest delays I’ve experienced in my adulthood. Nevertheless, good company and all of the airport food available, our trips were completed and life went on. We AirBnB’d an amazing house right in Olympic Valley, about 1 mile from the base of Squaw Valley. We did rent a car with the intentions of going between Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows (lift tickets get you access to both) and having the freedom to come and go as we wanted. A Ski Cap of our quick trip below.

Note to Self: When traveling with all snowboarders (as a skier), be prepared to wait..and wait some more.





Arguably the best meal we had. Better for lunch, but they serve dinner. No alcohol, though & they shutdown on the earlier side.

Christy Hill

The perfect dinner spot - intimate, candle-lit and a great wine list. We had a spectacular meal.. even after the power went out. Beer and wine only and I strongly suggest ordering dessert - perhaps one of everything.

Jakes on the Lake

I wish we had gone here when it was still light out because apparently the sunsets here are amazing. It was pitch black when we went, but then again, the snow was so high we probably wouldn’t have even been able to see out of the windows. Food was great, cocktails were a bit sweet - stick with a local brew or a one of the dessert cocktail options as a night cap.


The Slot Bar

Locals spot, very small. Order a Hot Toddy and do a Shotski.

Rocker @ Squaw

Much larger apres spot with good food, TVs, a fireplace and a big bar. Also good for families with kids.


Coffeebar Squaw Valley

Adorable and deceivingly large on the inside, the coffee is so good. So good.

Kalifornia Jean Bar

I have a touristy guilty pleasure of buying something with the name of the city and/or state that we are visiting - I know, but I like it! This shop happened to be the ONLY place that I found a [cute] branded sweatshirt in the ENTIRE village. Otherwise, I kept getting directed to Tahoe City for more merch options.

Fireside Pizza Company

East Coast approved pizza, very decent for California! FYI, the ‘Garlic Chips’ are basically just dough, garlic, butter and cheese..so obviously, order them.


Soups that will warm you to the bones. They also have sandwiches, etc. This is a good lunch spot with LOTS of vegan and vegetarian options, too.

Suko Yama Sushi

Authentic and fresh with a balanced variety of the “norm” and the fancy rolls. Sake available!


Dreamtown CrossFit

Brand new & beautiful, a couple of us dropped in here for 19.1. I’d like to say that the newer rowers gave me an ‘edge’, but my score suggests otherwise..


Retro is making a comeback in several ways and your girl is NOT mad at it. Our parents were onto something back in the day when riding down a mountain in bright colored one pieces. Easy to spot, minimal entries for snow. comfort first.. etc.

There are several things in life that I never joke about - two of those things are jumpsuits and fanny packs. To say that I was happy with my ski suit purchase (below), is an understatement. #obsessed

Asos - 4505 Ski All In One With Hood & Fanny Pack